Old Buffalo Institute Homepage

 “Old Buffalo Institute” is an organization to honour Manfred Lukas’ shamanic teachings and practice.
Manfred inspired people from around the world to live with intention, connection and loving spirit.
With the blessing of Manfred’s family, this institute supports his legacy through various initiatives, including a book of his teachings, artifact repository, and practitioner education.

PenInk Buffalo JPEG
Artwork by Arno Lukas
Bronze Buffalo
Artwork by Arno Lukas, Photography by Madison Lukas

VISION:  Sustaining and Honouring the Lukas Tradition of Global Shamanism

MISSION: To support global shamanic teaching and learning in the tradition of our Old Buffalo – Manfred Lukas.





5 thoughts on “Old Buffalo Institute Homepage

  1. Mr. Lukas was treating me in September 2013. I’m sorry to hear about him passing away. I would like to purchase book of his teaching. Please contact me at my email . Thank you. Regards. Zuzana


    • Hello Zuzana.

      I am mystified where your message ‘went’. I just set up a Google account for a different purpose and immediately saw your message.
      Thank-you for your condolences.
      I am currently working on a biography of my dad and am looking for contributors. If you have some short stories you would like to share from the time he was treating you, I would be honoured to include them in the book.
      As I have been writing his book I have also been transcribing his workshops (and have started teaching the workshops) as well as working with clients in my own practice (which, of course, is based on all that I learned from him)
      You may contact me at: ravenmoonvisions@hotmail.com at anytime and I can fill you in on the details of anything I have talked about in this e-mail or any other questions you may have.




    • Glad you liked it. Sorry for the delay in noticing your comment (been having problems clarifying a situation with WordPress – (we went round and round for a while before we both realized we were trying to solve the problem through the wrong e-mail account – LOL). Not sure where you live, but we have a workshop coming up in the Calgary area Oct 3rd and 4th.

      Take Care

      Arno Lukas BSc BEd
      Shamanic Practitioner; Restorer of Carousel Horses; Sculptor in Bronze, Stone and Wood; Educator; etc., etc., …. 🙂


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